Book Release: Through the Cat’s Eye

Through the Cat’s Eye, fourth book in the Exiles of Aur series, is now available in paperback and Kindle form at

I ended up darkening the contrasts of the original painting used for this cover, going for a more mysterious and dramatic vibe.


Inda Young has spent the last six years trying to perfect being virtually invisible, just a drab, boring twenty-something no one thinks to remember. She hopes to leave behind a painful childhood and secrets that culminated in public humiliation and infamy, and never look back.

It’s a lonely sort of existence, but a safe one.

But, just as she’s celebrating the first year of her employment at the Westerly Corporation as a web designer, her quiet, isolated bubble-life gets burst wide open when she unexpectedly comes across an enigmatic, all-too-attractive stranger. He turns out to be Dr. Simon Chryse, visiting the Westerly Corporation as a delegate from the island nation of Aur, and is involved in dangerous dealings Inda can’t begin to comprehend.

As Inda attempts to help him, she finds herself embroiled in an ever-deepening and terrifying mystery, one involving magic, myth, and madness, and one starting to look all too familiar to her. All to soon, she finds her past catching up with her as she must face the truth of who, of what she is, even if it means separating her forever from the man she loves.

Through the Cat’s Eye is the fourth book in the Exiles of Aur series. It can be read as a stand-alone, though it brings back some characters who figured heavily in An Amber Stone, Set In Silver, as well as characters from other novels in the series.

Paperback and Kindle editions available at