Book Release: Across the Gloaming Lands

The paperback and Kindle e-book editions of  my latest novel, Across the Gloaming Lands, are “live” on  As of this posting, the paperback is still not searchable or viewable on my Amazon Author Page, though.  I only published everything this morning, so all in good time.  [4-11-2018 it’s now searchable and part of my Author Page.]  My website is also updated with book information.

This is the cover design for the book, first one I put together using Krita 4.0.  The latest Krita iteration had a noticeably different text editor than earlier versions and it took a bit of fumbling to figure out.

Book synopsis:

On the island nation of Aur, where social status is valued above all things, Ione of the House of Sapphe is a liability to her family. As a child, she showed promise of being one of the exalted Scholars, those gifted with the ability to wield magic. At the age of ten, she began her studies at the Scholar College. Only, she failed miserably and was kicked out, an embarrassment her family has yet to recover from.

When her younger sister, Vivne, runs off with a boy from the lowest social tier, she causes catastrophic damage to the House of Sapphe’s already tenuous reputation. She and Ione are sent off to a relative at an outpost Embassy in the barbaric, non-magical world, in a country called the United States of America.

Ione has long been in the habit of rescuing Vivne from her various scrapes, a task that has been increasingly more difficult as Vivne has gotten older. It becomes considerably more difficult in this foreign land. Yet, this strange new world across the Gloaming Lands also brings Ione the opportunity to escape the social constraints of Aur and, perhaps, even a chance at love.

Across the Gloaming Lands is part of the Exiles of Aur series though it can be read as a standalone. It scores in the mild range for sex, language, and violence.