Book Release: The House on First Street

After working on this book for about two years, I’ve finally finished it. It’s now available in paperback and e-book editions at, and is available as an e-book through a number of other online book retailers; see full list on Books2Read.

Here’s the cover of the paperback:

The background artwork:


An island with a fairy-tale castle seems like just the setting for a story with a happy ending.

It doesn’t seem so promising to Ava Hume. She arrives there one rainy, cold winter day, carrying all her possessions in a knapsack, and with a cat carrier in her hand, complete with a green-eyed tuxedo cat.

Instead of a knight in shining armor to greet her, she’s met by a morose, curt man and his snobby, rude girlfriend.

Ava is in no position to turn around and leave. She’s come to Castle Island to claim an inheritance, a small bungalow, and there’s nowhere to return back to. She spent the last six months draining her savings while caring for a dying relative and paying all the bills.

The bungalow turns out to be old but charming. And Ava, used to dealing with whatever situation and unpleasant people who come her way, makes the most of it. She gets a job as one of the municipal electricians, and she and her cat begin their life there. She comes to discover that she likes living on the Island, for all its odd quirks and busybody gossips, even if she’s a little lonely.

But perhaps, after all, there’s a happy ending—and love—waiting for Ava on Castle Island. Perhaps it was there waiting all along.

The House on First Street is a classic romance novel approximately 62,500 words in length. It contains no graphic sex or violence, and has limited profanity. One F-bomb is dropped.