Book Release: The House on First Street

After working on this book for about two years, I’ve finally finished it. It’s now available in paperback and e-book editions at, and is available as an e-book through a number of other online book retailers; see full list on Books2Read.

Here’s the cover of the paperback:

The background artwork:


An island with a fairy-tale castle seems like just the setting for a story with a happy ending.

It doesn’t seem so promising to Ava Hume. She arrives there one rainy, cold winter day, carrying all her possessions in a knapsack, and with a cat carrier in her hand, complete with a green-eyed tuxedo cat.

Instead of a knight in shining armor to greet her, she’s met by a morose, curt man and his snobby, rude girlfriend.

Ava is in no position to turn around and leave. She’s come to Castle Island to claim an inheritance, a small bungalow, and there’s nowhere to return back to. She spent the last six months draining her savings while caring for a dying relative and paying all the bills.

The bungalow turns out to be old but charming. And Ava, used to dealing with whatever situation and unpleasant people who come her way, makes the most of it. She gets a job as one of the municipal electricians, and she and her cat begin their life there. She comes to discover that she likes living on the Island, for all its odd quirks and busybody gossips, even if she’s a little lonely.

But perhaps, after all, there’s a happy ending—and love—waiting for Ava on Castle Island. Perhaps it was there waiting all along.

The House on First Street is a classic romance novel approximately 62,500 words in length. It contains no graphic sex or violence, and has limited profanity. One F-bomb is dropped.

Book Release: The Underground Girl

cover design for The Underground Girl (Krita)

I’ve just released The Underground Girl on in paperback and e-book editions (eventually the two will be fully linked to each other, but as of this post they’re still separate).

I also have it available in e-book format through a number of other stores, including Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Playster, Indigo, and Angus & Robertson , via I’m in the process of adding my earlier novels to the roster.

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Book Release: Across the Gloaming Lands

The paperback and Kindle e-book editions of  my latest novel, Across the Gloaming Lands, are “live” on  As of this posting, the paperback is still not searchable or viewable on my Amazon Author Page, though.  I only published everything this morning, so all in good time.  [4-11-2018 it’s now searchable and part of my Author Page.]  My website is also updated with book information.

This is the cover design for the book, first one I put together using Krita 4.0.  The latest Krita iteration had a noticeably different text editor than earlier versions and it took a bit of fumbling to figure out.

Book synopsis:

On the island nation of Aur, where social status is valued above all things, Ione of the House of Sapphe is a liability to her family. As a child, she showed promise of being one of the exalted Scholars, those gifted with the ability to wield magic. At the age of ten, she began her studies at the Scholar College. Only, she failed miserably and was kicked out, an embarrassment her family has yet to recover from.

When her younger sister, Vivne, runs off with a boy from the lowest social tier, she causes catastrophic damage to the House of Sapphe’s already tenuous reputation. She and Ione are sent off to a relative at an outpost Embassy in the barbaric, non-magical world, in a country called the United States of America.

Ione has long been in the habit of rescuing Vivne from her various scrapes, a task that has been increasingly more difficult as Vivne has gotten older. It becomes considerably more difficult in this foreign land. Yet, this strange new world across the Gloaming Lands also brings Ione the opportunity to escape the social constraints of Aur and, perhaps, even a chance at love.

Across the Gloaming Lands is part of the Exiles of Aur series though it can be read as a standalone. It scores in the mild range for sex, language, and violence.

2017-12-20 Montserrat

2017-12-20 Montserrat, 11in x 14 in, casein on hot press watercolor paper

I’m planning on using this one for the cover of the latest book, which is presently in the “final” editing phase.  It’s another in the Exiles of Aur series.  I’m still trying to settle on the title for it; I have a working title that I’ve never been quite happy with (goofy, as they all are in the series, but perhaps not goofy enough).

I made a “digital art” version of this view last year (so long ago, already?), but I wanted a traditional medium painting for the book cover.

Book Release: Through the Cat’s Eye

Through the Cat’s Eye, fourth book in the Exiles of Aur series, is now available in paperback and Kindle form at

I ended up darkening the contrasts of the original painting used for this cover, going for a more mysterious and dramatic vibe.


Inda Young has spent the last six years trying to perfect being virtually invisible, just a drab, boring twenty-something no one thinks to remember. She hopes to leave behind a painful childhood and secrets that culminated in public humiliation and infamy, and never look back.

It’s a lonely sort of existence, but a safe one.

But, just as she’s celebrating the first year of her employment at the Westerly Corporation as a web designer, her quiet, isolated bubble-life gets burst wide open when she unexpectedly comes across an enigmatic, all-too-attractive stranger. He turns out to be Dr. Simon Chryse, visiting the Westerly Corporation as a delegate from the island nation of Aur, and is involved in dangerous dealings Inda can’t begin to comprehend.

As Inda attempts to help him, she finds herself embroiled in an ever-deepening and terrifying mystery, one involving magic, myth, and madness, and one starting to look all too familiar to her. All to soon, she finds her past catching up with her as she must face the truth of who, of what she is, even if it means separating her forever from the man she loves.

Through the Cat’s Eye is the fourth book in the Exiles of Aur series. It can be read as a stand-alone, though it brings back some characters who figured heavily in An Amber Stone, Set In Silver, as well as characters from other novels in the series.

Paperback and Kindle editions available at

Book Release: Black Onyx Heart

Black Onyx Heart, third in the Exiles of Aur series, is now available at, in both paperback and Kindle e-book editions.


She wakes up one day, stark naked, in a stranger’s living room, without a clue of how she got there, who she is, or, really, anything that came before. Everyone seems to think she’s Bia, or Beatrice Kodaly, an old woman addicted to black lotus tea, which has given her the illusion of eternal youth and also made her forget everything else. With nothing to go on but some photographs and fleeting, fragmented memories, Bia doesn’t have much choice but to go along.

But as time passes, she shows no signs of aging, and Bia finds it increasingly hard to believe that too much black lotus tea is the reason for her amnesia. The only thing, the only person, who seems real to her is Pliny Steward. But to him, she is only a lotus eater. And he is henchman to the sadistic Lucas King, dealer of black lotus, and her enemy.

Bia’s search for answers seems to lead to black market dealings with the secretive island nation of Aur. Perhaps the solution to the mystery, to herself, lies in that world of magic and nightmares. But first, Bia must escape Lucas King, and she isn’t sure she’ll survive long enough to even discover who she is.

Black Onyx Heart is a paranormal romance, third in the Exiles of Aur series. It can be read as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the other books in the series. Overall rating for sex, language, and violence is mild to moderate.